China Australasia New Zealand International Weighing Round Table Forum

Under coordination and devising of Mr Michael Guo, CEO of AITA & Associates and overseas consultant of Australia and China Weighing Association, China Weighing Instrument Association with Australia Weighing Association and New Zealand weighing organization hosted the 'China Australasia New Zealand International Weighing Round Table Forum' during the 2015 China International Weighing Instrument Exhibition. Vice-Chairman of Australian Weighing Association Rodney Mace led Australian delegation and the delegates of New Zealand weighing organizaiton attended this forum.

The weighing exchange delegation of Australia and New Zealand organized by CEO Michael Guo, and it's a milestone for China, Australia and New Zealand to cooperate together in weighing industry. This weighing round table forum was a great success and highly appreciated by lots of Chinese investors and companies of weighing industry, some of them was interested in partnerships with more Australian companies.

Mr Rodney Mace, Vice-Chairman of Australian Weighing Association, was very satisfied with the weighing round table forum. During last 10 years, he has been to China more than 20 times, but only this time, he felt that Australia Weighing Association has been highly promoted and fully recognized as the 'Guest Association and Industry'in the 2015 China International Weighing Instrument Exhibition.

After attended the weighing round table forum, and under the advice of Mr Michael Guo, New Zealand weighing industry delegate will establish New Zealand Weighing Association immediately after returning home, and report to the New Zealand federal government. They will build a channel of communication between New Zealand weighing industry and the federal government. In the futurn, New Zealand enterprises will be in the form of New Zealand Weighing Association to visit China.