Australasia China Cities Summit

With the theme of Eco City, Eco Economy and Cooperative or Sister City relationship, Cities Summit is a key sub-forum of the great event – Australasia China Cities Summit & Business Forum (ACCS&ACBF) concerning the hottest topic of cities, such as urban and regional planning, architecture and landscape design, urban construction and management, real estate, urban traffic, urban ecology, etc. Sister cities and friendship cities are both important forms of promoting the exchanges and cooperation in various fields. There will be a lot of Chinese cities and provinces and also quite many cities from Australasia countries coming to attend the forum and to exchange ideas about the related issues of modern cities. This session will provide them with an excellent opportunity and platform for Chinese and Australasian mayors to establish friendship/cooperative city relationships and to talk about Eco City, Eco Economy to share experiences in the development of cities.

The keynote speakers of this Cities Summit from China side are Mayor of Zhumadian Municipal Government and Deputy Mayor of Urumqi Municipal Government of Xinjiang Autonomous Region.

Zhumadian Municipal Government of Henan Province Delegation headed by the Mayor

Zhumadian is located in the central and southern area of Henan Province, China. It is an important city for agricultural products and is rich in natural resources. The city’s population totaled 8.87 million and covers an area of 15,000 square kilometers. It is an important provincial and national production base of grain and oil and enjoys a wide reputation as Granary of China.

The delegation is headed by Yu Xueyou, Mayor of Zhumadian City. Born in June 1958, Yu joined the Chinese Communist Party in November,1983. He once served as Deputy Secretary of Municipal Part Committee of Zhoukou City, Henan Province and the Party Secretary of the Department of Civil Affairs and is now the Mayor of Zhumadian City. Mayor Yu is an excellent leader who devotes himself to the development of his city and has made great efforts to make it a better place.

Urumqi Municipal Government of Xinjiang Autonomous Region Delegation led by the Deputy Mayor

Located in the north of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Urumqi is the provincial capital as well as a key position with strategic importance on the ancient silk road. It is the intersection of culture and economy between the west and the east. It’s also a place where the economies and cultures of Zhongyuan District and the western regions are greatly blended and integrated.

The administrative district of Urumqi covers an area of 14,200 square kilometers. With a population of 5 million, Urumqi has jurisdiction over seven districts and one county, two development zones of national level and an export processing zone.

The GDP of this region totaled 250 billion last year and per capita GDP was 11,346 US dollars.

The delegation is headed by Ma Hongwei, Deputy Mayor of Urumqi. Muslin Chinese, born on June 6, 1962, Ma was a Urumqi native who joined the Chinese Communist Party in September 1992 and once served as the Vice Chairman of Urumqi CPPCC. Appointed at the 21st meeting of the 15th Standing Committee of the Xinjiang Urumqi People’s Congress on December 10, 2014, Ma is now the Deputy Mayor of Urumqi City.