Yuan Long Ping High-Tech Agriculture CO.LTD

Yuan Long Ping High-Tech Agriculture CO.LTD. (Longping High-Tech Stock Code 000998)is established on June 30,1999, which has been audited by the Ministry of Science and Technology of P.R. China and confirmed by the hearing argument of High-tech enterprise of Chinese Academy of Sciences. It consists of Hunan Longping High-tech Nongping Seeds Industry Co.LTD. Hunan Xiangyan Seeds Industry Co.LTD. Hunan Longping High-tech Cotton & Rape Seeds Industry Co.LTD. Agrochemical Development Company, Hunan Nongwei Science and Technology Co.LTD, Hunan Kangyida Science and Technology Co.LTD and Hunan Longke Agricultural Materials Co.LTD. and other operating organizations.

Longping High-tech is tightly holding the strategy requirement of Optimizing & Upgrading in agriculture industry. To obey the managing theory of "Create infinity & Benefit mankind" , Long ping High-Tech mainly focusing on the new crops variety breeding or innovation; seeds multiplication; seeds sales and extension system of hybrid rice, hybrid pepper, hybrid rape, hybrid corn, hybrid cotton, musk melon and vegetables with high quality etc .Till the end of 2004, the total assets of Long ping High-Tech has reached at 1.2 billion yuan, and the sales revenue has reached at 1 billion yuan.

Long ping High-Tech is not only the star enterprise in Changsha high technology developing zone, but also one of the leading enterprises in Hunan province and inside China. In 2003 Long ping High-tech was evaluated as the Top 50 Company of the seed area. It was approved and registered the trademark "NongPing" and "XiangYan" brand successful, both of the two trademarks have been approved Hunan famous trademarks. Long ping High-Tech has been evaluated "the reliable unit by the consumers" successive and the products of Long ping brand has passed IS09001 notarization of international products quality system.

Long ping high-tech has gathered a large number of highly qualified research and management talents represented by Academician Yuan Long ping. Now this company has set up a scientific research station of the post-doctor. A lot of new agriculture crop varieties that developed by Long ping high-tech has been approved and registered by the state and Hunan Crops Commission. And 7 crop varieties have been approved and registered by the aim state commission. Among these achievements some of them obtained "First or Second Science and Technology Improvement Award of the state".

Long ping high-tech has also established regional fine breed multiplication system, modern seed processing & storage system, standardization of seed quality inspection system and market network system national wide. All these systems greatly promoted the optimization of agriculture structures, and pushed the property capital and knowledge capital of this company together efficiently.

Not to advance is to back. This is in invariable philosophy. Long ping high-tech will abide by the motto, "To value people as the basis, to create and innovate, to rejuvenate the country through industry, and to reciprocate the motherland through science and technology", keep the admonition of the company "Taking sincerity as the basic; Mild and warm is valuable; Credence is the first thing and seeking the happiness is our honor".-Long ping high-tech will make great efforts to continue the undertaking of Prof.Yuan Longping, to enlarge Long ping high-tech being an utmost store, which with a thousand years trademark and everlasting enterprise