WISH Sporting Goods Co.Ltd

WISH Sporting Goods Co.Ltd. was founded in 1986. Through many years of brand marketing, development, and manufacturing experiences in racket sports equipments, WISH has evolved into a leading brand in badminton, tennis, squash rackets and accessories. We are a prominent member of the Chinese Sporting Goods Association and have been chosen as a deputy trustee in the Chinese Association of Culture & Education.

We operate our own 150,000 square meters facilities in several locations including Shishi, Xiamen and Shanghai, with professional staff who specialize in the fields of R&D, production, quality control, sales and marketing. Our use of technologically advanced machinery allows us to supply domestic and international clients with a wide variety of fine quality racket sports equipments and accessories at competitive cost.

Our commitment to adhering to the standards of excellence has resulted in our company receiving ISO9001:2000 certification on the "International Standard Quality Management System" and SG Factory Certificate from the "Consumer Product Safety Association" in Japan. Our consistent quality standard has also won us an achievement award on quality control from the "Bureau of Product Quality Management in Fujian". Our professional graphite badminton rackets have been ratified as Chinese official tournament rackets by the Chinese Badminton Association. Furthermore, our registered trademark Wish, was selected as one of the "Top Brands in Fujian, China"; Wish products were again awarded the "Chinese Well-Known Brand" and "Top Brands in Export Commodities" by the National Department of Commerce.

"Brand focus and development" will remain as core of our business model to provide guidance to our long-term development strategy. As WISH continues to grow, we will continue our commitment to serve players at all levels to enhance their performance, while also continuing to strive to offer the most innovative and best quality racket equipments to the market.