Guizhou Tiancili Foodstuff Science and Technology LLC

Guizhou Tiancili group in Guizhou Liupanshui Hongguo County Economic Development Zone, the two rivers District, Tiancili Industrial Park, park covers an area of 53 acres, standard workshop of 15000 square meters. Group by the GuizhouTiancili of food science and Technology Co., Ltd., Liangdu Santiago Winery Co., Ltd., Guizhou Tiancili high-end health products Co., Ltd., Liupanshui Rosa roxburghii Tratt engineering technology center and other six companies (preparation), projects with a total investment of 2.78 billion yuan. In 2015 won the national circular agricultural union units. Company has always followed the "people without me, people have my new, new I change" advanced ideas, continuous development, continuous innovation. Group is the main development base of Roxburgh rose cultivation and research development of Rosa roxburghii Tratt series products, has been built in the province leading the candied and preserved fruit production line, Rosa roxburghii Tratt juice production line, refining of Rosa roxburghii Tratt canned production line, refining the Roxburgh rose beverage production line, production line of juice fermented wine, high-end health goods production design preparation, low temperature cold storage and so on. Company registered trademark "Tiancili ", "Liangdu Shengguo", "Tiancili vitamin C fruit king", "king of vitamin C", "fruit king", "excellent dimensional source", "Santiago" more than 70 categories trademark, with 9 patents and a number of honorary, build green, organic and natural product concept, follow the "source in nature, to serve the health" for the purpose. Create leading brand China Cili industry.

We are very happy to announce that Guizhou Tiancili Foodstuff Science and Technology LLC will be attending the great event Australasia China Cities Summits & Business Forum (ACCS/ACBF). It would be a perfect chance for the company to exchange and communicate with Australian counterparts and to seek investment as well as cooperation opportunities.