Jinzhong Xi Rong Food Industry Co.

Jinzhong Xi Rong Food Industry Co., Ltd., located in Taigu County, Shanxi Province, the main products are Xi Rong Taigu cake, Xi Rong moon cake, Xi Rong Huping dates, etc.

Taigu cake, the Shanxi merchants’ traditional food, as the leading product of Xi Rong company, combines traditional recipes, modern technology and the concept of quality and safety, will make Taigu cake, the three hundred years’ heritage spreading to the land of China, and let consumers know the high tasteful food culture of Shanxi merchants.

Our products are continuously awarded the honorary titles as 2001 China International Agricultural Expo Brand, China Assured Food, etc, got the National Industrial Production Permit. Besides that, Xi Rong has also been rated as a well-known trademark.

We are very happy to announce that Xirong Food Industry Co.,Ltd of Jinzhong City  will be attending the great event Australasia China Cities Summits & Business Forum (ACCS/ACBF). It would be a perfect chance for the company to exchange and communicate with Australian counterparts and to seek investment as well as cooperation opportunities.

The purpose of this trip is to showcase the specialty Taigu cake and the five cereals in Shanxi Province. Besides that, Jinzhong Xi Rong Food Industry Co., Ltd mainly intends to import pollution-free flour from Australia. They plan to purchase 3,000 tons as a try for the first time, and will continue to import if the flour is satisfying. All these requires to seek cooperation opportunities in advance.

Please Contact Project Manager Christina on info@acscs.com.au, Ph:+612 9188 5615, +612 91881856 .