Qi County Yaohua Fruit Industry Co.

Qi County Yaohua Fruit Industry Co. was established in July 2005, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, is approved by the state Department of Commerce enjoys independent import and export operation rights fruit export enterprises.

Company is located in the township of ancient China high-quality pear base towns Shen village , covering 15 acres. Existing large heated preservation 18, capacity 1500m3, Chu pear 2,000 tons ,gas Storagehouse 5, capacity 5800 m3 , Chu pear 1,000 tons ,fruit market of 4,000 square meters , the farmers Technology Training Centre 200 square meters, and 2000 square meters of integrated service office a total assets reached 23 million yuan, 10 million yuan in fixed assets. Distribution company ,registered trademark Qixian pear, pear and other Yulu "Jin Yaohua." Take the company+ base+ cooperative business model, adhere to the path of industrial development for the farmers to provide technical, information, production and sales, and other services, Companies in more than 30 cities in the country, with sales outlets, the products are exported to HongKong, Macao, Southeast Asia ,Europe and America more than ten countries and regions, annual sales of 40 million kg Qixian pear ,municipal agricultural industrialization leading enterprises.

We are very happy to announce that Qixian County Yaohua Fruit Industry Co.,Ltd will be attending the great event Australasia China Cities Summits & Business Forum (ACCS/ACBF). It would be a perfect chance for the company to exchange and communicate with Australian counterparts and to seek investment as well as cooperation opportunities.

Qi County Yaohua Fruit Industry Co., Ltd. has exported its pear to Britain, America and other countries. The company will attend this event to seek business opportunities of cooperation and trading.

Please Contact Project Manager Christina on info@acscs.com.au, Ph:+612 9188 5615, +612 91881856 .