David Downey

David Downey will attend Australasia China Cities Summit & Business Forum(ACCS/ACBF). Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. David was selected a City Councilor in 1993 and has actively carried out a water conservancy project in Tasmania ever since, which has greatly promoted the investment and development of Tasmania agriculture. He was selected Deputy Mayor of North Midlands and has been in the position for altogether 7 years before being honorably selected as Mayor of North Midlands.

North Midlands is located in Tasmania, Australia, and is an important area of agriculture industry. It enjoys a superior geographical position by being adjacent to the Midlands highway. The city covers an area of 5,130 square kilometers. With a relatively stable economy and a growing economic development, North Midlands has great trade and investment potential in various fields, especially in agriculture, manufacturing and other core industries, tourism and service sectors. Its gross output in agriculture ranks the third in Tasmania. With a freight area to Launceston, the city enjoys a more convenient transportation.