Invitation to Meet with the Governor of Shaanxi Province and its 50 Entrepreneurs Delegation

The Governor of Shaanxi Province, Hu Heping, will be leading a 50 entrepreneurs strong investment & trade delegation to Australia during the official visit of the Prime Minister of China Li Keqiang.Please see the detailed agenda:Agenda of SN-AU Investment&Trade Forum 
There are more than 30 multinational enterprises, including AVIC Xi’an Aircraft Industry Group, Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Co., Ltd., Ahaanxi Longmen Iron & Steel co., Ltd and Huashan International Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., related to infrastructure, investment, energy and trade etc. During this forum, more than USD$ 100 million will be invested to Australia. More details please see organization intronduction and namelist of delegation on   organization profiles  Namelist of Delegation
The cooperation between Australia and Shaanxi province is very promising. In 2015, Australia joined Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and became a major shareholder. In 2016, AIIB established the committee office in FTA international zone of Shaanxi. Shaanxi will further increase investment in infrastructure,mining, energy, technology, chemical engineering, agriculture, tourism and education.
  • Theme: Shaanxi-Australia Investment & Trade Forum
  • Date: 23rd, March 2017
  • Time: 14:30-18:00
  • Venue: Pullman Sydney Hyde Park
  • Entrance fee: free

    Advantages of Shaanxi
    Further Cooperation Opportunities
    • Economic engine of the development of western China; GDP USD$300 billion (2015)
    • Leading province in infrastructure- design, construction and equipment (a large number of projects have been set up by means of BOT, EPC and PPP)
    • The only FTA international zone and entry to the designated grain port in the northwest of the mainland; strategic start of the Belt and Road Initiative
    • Centre of equipment manufacturing industry, including equipment in the fields of aviation, vehicle, military, construction, chemical engineering, coal and petroleum,heavy-duty metallurgical, machine building, forestry, animal, husbandry and fishery
    • Centre of R&D and high-tech industry, especially in the fields of medical care, biopharmaceutical, electronic instrument and EIT  
    • Home to abundant historical resources and relics, e.g. Terracotta Army (Shaanxi province: RMB252 billion earned from tourism in 2014; 330 million visits in 2014)
    • Leading agricultural and livestock producer (RMB274 billion earned from forestry, animal, husbandry and fishery in 2014; modern agriculture mechanization level: 52%; number of modern agriculture parks: 1004)
    Looking for opportunities
    • to invest and trade in
    -infrastructure (railway, aviation, bridge, harbour and hydropower plant)
    -municipal construction and commercial real estates
    -mining, minerals and energy
    -tourism resources, including theme parks, hotels and catering
    • To cooperate with Australia financial industry (e.g. Chang'an bank)
    • To import agricultural and livestock products
    • To build stronger joint education and training system, expanding the market of 1.8 million college students in Shaanxi

      Plesse express your interest to Michael Guo(Australia:Ph:+61 291885615,+61 291881856,+61 280061198,Mobile: +61481146176, China Mobile: 86 186 11798416) The Australia International Trade