China Intelligent transportation delegation visited Australia and New Zealand

On October 9 2016, leading by the Board Chairman Wu zhong ze, the China Intelligent transportation system associate visited and observed Australia and New Zealand, which elaborately arranged by the AITA associates. The workout was satisfied which arranged by the AITA associate and obtained interview by the relevant senior people of Australia and New Zealand.
Bruce, Speaker of the state of Victoria and Carrey, Deputy Speaker received a line of representative headed by Mr. Wu at the Victoria Building.
“China-Australia Intelligent Roundtable Meeting” jointly hold by the Victory government, China intelligent Transportation System Associate and AITA & Associate in Victoria was successful. Bruce, Speaker of the Victoria, Carrey, Deputy Speaker, Peter, the president of the Australian Country Party, Bryce, Australia Government Australian Trade Development Commission. Guests from the Department of trade of the Ministry of Trade, Victoria government. Department of Transportation, Brisbane government, intelligent transportation Association of New Zealand, RMIT University, Monash University, Deakin University, Deputy director of the State of Victoria, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and other guests from Australia and New Zealand attended the meeting, the Chinese guests attended the meeting including Mr. Wu, the president of the Intelligent associate, Mr. Guan, Secretary General of the intelligent associate, counsellor Wamg, Chinese Embassy in Canberra, expertises from the intelligent industry national wide, Chairman of the board of the enterprises, professors from the universities attended the roundtable meeting. Speaker of the Victoria, counsellor Wamg, Chinese Embassy in Canberra, Mr. Daivd, Director of the School of Engineering and Information Technologies, Director of the Mechanical Research Center meet the delegation
The delegation of the China intelligent transportation association visited the application of intelligent transportation, agricultural system at the University of Sydney accompanied by the director of the School of Engineering and Information Technologies and the director of the Mechanical Research Center.
Manger of the Sydney Intelligent traffic control center, and the technology counselor in Australia treat cordially the China intelligent associate delegation
Greg Mossong, the acting director of the Ministry of Transport, Oakland office and Matthew Ireland, the consultant of the Ministry of Transport received the China intelligent associate delegation