AUSTRALIAN INTERNATIONAL TRADE  ASSOCIATION (AITA) organized and assisted a Delegation to China coming from Australia & New Zealand. This combined delegations were attended by Mayors, Councilors, Principals, Local Officials headed by his Worship Cr Patricia Morris from City of Gosnell.

Varies distinguished members and representatives of the Federal Members from Australia and New Zealand including The Hon Vickie Chapman MP The Shadow Minister of Education of South Australia, The Hon Jenny Macklin MP The Deputy Leader of the Opposition, the Shadow Minister of Education, The Hon Senator Kim Carr, the Shadow Minister of Science , The Hon Steve Chadwick MP from New Zealand send their well wishes for the combined delegation and the 2004 Beijing International Education Convention.

These delegation which AITA organized was to exchange, enhanced friendship and broaden the relationship and further the cooperation in the Educational and Trade Sector between China, New Zealand, and Australia. The Delegation visited 3 Provinces and 7 Cities, including Beijing, Tianjin, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Nanjing,and Shanghai.

While the delegation was in Beijing, The Deputy Minister of Education of Peoples Republic of China and the deputy Mayor of Beijing to received and welcomed the delegation from Australia & New Zealand. During the program the Deputy Minister introduced China’s current education system    and    welcomed all International Education Exchange and Ideas. The delegation also visited other department like Education department of PR China, the Department of Reform and other various department and agencies. AITA also honored to organized Trade Seminar and Cocktail Party attended by more than a hundred personalities from different universities and other related Government agencies, exchanged views and ideas with the combined delegations.

After Beijing Activities, the delegation visited Tianjing Province . AITA organized a meeting with the deputy mayor and other provincial department officials such as, the Foreign Affairs, Education Department, Agriculture Trade

Department , discussed about trade and the cooperation agreement in between. During their stay, the delegation visited the most popular university in China. The Nankai University. The delegation met with the University Director and Deans of each Faculties and Department Heads.

On August 25th AITA scheduled a seminar to Hebei province between the Delegation, the Chamber of Commerce and the Business Sector. AITA signed an cooperation agreement with the Chamber of Commerce of Hebei Province. Delegations also visited Hubei’s Polytechnic Institute, a seminar held attended by the Deputy Mayor, Director General, and other Department heads of the Polytechnic Institute.

On August 28th Delegates flew to Sichuan Province and a meeting was held with Government agencies such as the Department of Education and the Department of Forestry. There was a Welcoming Lunch for the delegates honored by the Panzhihua University. In the Evening A Welcoming dinner was also held by the Deputy Minister of the Foreign Affairs Office on behalf of the Sichuan Provincial Government attended by some of the Provincial Government Agencies, Cooperation discussed a wide range of topics such as, of course Education, Agriculture, Mining, Forestry and other related matters.

On August 29th AITA delegation visited Nanjing city and met with a long time AITA associated The Deputy Mayor of Nanjing Municipality Government, the representative to Foreign Affairs and the Education Department representative On the same date Delegations, also visited the Department of Ocean and Fisheries, discussed and exchange views for the environment and other ocean related matters.

On 30th Evening AITA delegations flew to Shanghai A welcome Ceremony by the Chamber of Commerce greeted the Delegation and attended also by AITA’s associtates like the most wellknown University in Shanghai and other Universities and Colleges and other Trade representative.

On August 31st Delegations last important day. They visited the Department of Education in Shanghai and also the Hongpu District situated in the heart of Shanghai City, The visit was headed by deputy Mayor and together with the representative from Trade, Foreign Affairs and Education.

In the afternoon of August 31st The AITA Delegation finished the ten day visit. The delegation met with different department heads, governors, mayors, the Tourism department, and other government agencies gained more knowledge of China. All people involved look forward to a continuous relationship friendship, understanding and more cooperation of the three counties