Shandong Gold Group Delegation to Australia for mining and production safety training

Under the arrangement of Australian International Trade Association and AITA International Training and Exchange Center, the Shandong Gold Group delegation went to Australia for a fourteen-day deep-well mining and production safety training.

During their visit in Australia, the delegation visited the Ministry of Mining Queensland, Australian Federal Ministry of Mining, and met with the Minister for Energy. And the delegation was warmly received by Hon Bob Baldwin, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Industry of Australian Federal Government. The delegation systematically learned about the Australian mining industry, Australian minging development patterns, and its mining resources distribution.

Afterwards, the delegation received a comprehensive training on mining production safety at the prestigious University of Queensland. The training including Australia's advanced deep-well mining, ventilation, mine geological exploration, rock blasting, mine shaft excavation, underground mining and other technologies.

After the training courses, the delegation went to the Mining Museum in Monte Aisha and then entered the underground mine under the Citygold Corporation of Townsville for field visits and exchanges.

The Shandong Gold Group delegation’s training and inspection mission for the Australian mining industry was a complete success. The delegation learned the special mining methods of Australia's mines through theoretical methods combined with on-site inspections, and learned about mine safety, environmental protection and other related laws.

Hon Bob Baldwin warmly received the delegation

Had training courses in University of Queensland

Entered the underground mine in Townsville