Chinese student study tour in CQ organized by Australia International Trade Association

AFTER experiencing the warm hospitality of Rockhampton in March, Australia International Trade Association CEO Michael Guo returned last week with a Chinese student delegation in town.

Aimed at fostering closer ties between the two countries and allowing the Chinese students to better understand the Australia education system and the local culture, Mr Guo said the Chinese students completed a short study tour in CQUniversity, attending English classes, sightseeing and talking with locals.

During his visit, Mr Guo said he had positive discussions and a warm welcome from CQUniversity, Rockhampton Region Council and Rockhampton MP Barry O'Rourke MP on the study tour which would significantly help the students to understand the local conditions of Rockhampton and make them consider Rockhampton as one of their best choices to complete further education.

Detail report from Rockhamption Local Newspaper