Networking Luncheon with Mayor of Cangzhou at VIC Parliament House

Invitation to Networking Luncheon at VIC Parliament House with Mayor and Cangzhou School Principals Delegation

Australia Internationa Trade Association cordially invite you to attend the Networking Luncheon at Victoria Parliament House with Mayor of Cangzhou and Cangzhou School Principals Delegation headed by the Deputy Secretary-General of Cangzhou Municipal People's Government, as well as other government representatives, association officials, organization leaders and friends from Australia on 11th Oct. Michael would like to invite you to network with friends from China and Australia to discuss the cooperation opportunities in education projects between Cangzhou and your city. If there are other potential business collaboration projects in tourism, trade, investment, etc, in your city, the Chinese delegation will be much interested in the projects and having further-step cooperation.
Time: 11:30-13:30, 11th Oct, Lunch starting at 11:30
Venue: Victoria Parliament House, Spring Street, Melbourne
Guest of HonourMayor of Cangzhou, Cangzhou School Principals Delegation
CostLunch: AU$90

The purpose of this meeting is:
  • To foster the potential full-paid students and student recruitment to Victoria state in the future
  • Match-making Meeting with Cangzhou School Principals to state, Melbourne and other city education operators, government representatives
  • Discussing potential collaboration opportunities in staff training, student/teacher exchange, and cooperative education programs with representatives from state government, city councils, Department of Education, and education operators from schools, associations, etc. 
  • Discussing potential trade and investment business corporation opportunities between Cangzhou and the state

Name List of Delegation:
1    Xiao Hua    Cangzhou Municipal People's Government/Deputy Secretary-General(Deputy Mayor)
2    Li Fengqiang    Cangzhou Bureau of Education/ Labor Committee, Deputy Director General
3    Zhang Jide    Cangzhou No.1 Vocational Middle School/Principal
4    Yang Lin    Cangzhou No.5 Middle School/Principal
5    Zhang Yingjie    Cangzhou Ethnic Middle School/Principal
6    Han Guangming    Cangzhou No.15 Middle School/Principal

Brief Introduction of Cangzhou City:
General Information:
Cangzhou is located in the southeast of Hebei Province. It faces the Bohai Sea in the east, borders Baoding City in the west, adjoins Shandong Province in the south, and is adjacent to Beijing and Tianjin in the north. In 1988, Cangzhou was approved by the State Council as one of the open coastal cities. At present, Cangzhou administers 4 county-level cities, 10 counties, and 6 districts. Covering an area of 14,000 square kilometers, Cangzhou has a total population of 6.85 million.
Cangzhou is an ancient city with long history. The Grand Canal is passing through its territory from the north to the south for about 214 kilometers. The rich and generous culture left over from the ancient times has melted together the hometown of acrobatics, martial arts, casting, Ya pear, golden-thread dates, and winter dates. These have made up a colorful and fascinating picture of folk customs along the Grand Canal.
Cangzhou's urban center is a heavily industrial city but the city's administrative territory also includes strongly agricultural areas, and is well known in China for its Chinese jujubes (Chinese dates) and pear (widely known under the export name of Tianjin Ya Pear). The North China Oil Field is within Cangzhou City's jurisdiction. Cangzhou also encompasses a large fishing port and the coal-exporting Huanghua Harbour.

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