The Business Forum & Networking Luncheon at the QLD Parliament House With China Trade delegation

Invitation to The Business Forum & Networking Luncheon at the QLD Parliament  House With Trade delegation from China Building Materials Federation

We cordially invite you to join the business forum & networking luncheon with the Trade delegation including key companies from China Construction & Building Materials Association on 14th January as well as representatives of organizations from Australia .
Time: Forum 10:00 - 11:30AM, Luncheon 12:00 - 1:00PM
Venue: Queensland Parliament House
Guest of Honor: 15 key companies and Senior Management of China Building Materials Federation
Cost: Forum for free,   Luncheon AU$ 120

The purpose of this meeting is:
►Networking opportunities with friends from both China and Australia
►To discuss high-quality building material import from China
►To present related projects and attract investment
►To Know more about Chinese Market demand & opportunities for breaking into Chinese market
►To foster potential and interest in business cooperation for housing, bridge, railway, port expansion, etc.
►To do Match-Making with Chinese building material manufacturers and associations
►To discuss cutting-edge technologies in construction, such as 3D printing applied in construction
►To discuss other possible opportunities

Kind Regards,
Michael Guo
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Established in the 1990s, the Australia International Trade Association (AITA) aims at providing a bridge for effective cooperation between Australia, New Zealand and China. In the past twenty years, AITA has been working on develping relationships between China, Australia and New Zealand in areas including trade, business, agriculture, education, culture and technology.

Brief Introduction of China Building Materials Federation
China Building Materials Federation is an industry organization composed of enterprises and institutions in the national building materials industry and related social groups and individuals. China Building Materials Federation (CBMF) reflects the requirements of members and enterprises, coordinates membership relations, and provides enterprises with timely and accurate information, technology, management consulting, etc;
CBMF organizes domestic and international trade fairs and exhibitions, and helps enterprises develop markets, strengthen contacts with foreign peers, conduct foreign economic and technological exchanges and cooperation.

Brief Introduction of Key members of the delegation

Our trade delegation has great potential in business cooperation. It is composed of 15 strong and major stakeholders in this sector, including China Building Materials Federation, China National Building Materials Exhibition & Trade Center, as well as other major companies such as HanDan Jin Yu Tai Hang Cement Ltd,.Co.. They will be showcasing their potential projects on construction & building material manufacturing and export, material innovation, cutting-edge technology and investment.
This will provide our attendees with the opportunity to meet and communicate with these delegates, foster business cooperation opportunities; set up international network for future prospects and other cooperation possibilities in the sector.