Over 160 Australian Enterprises will Participate in the Summit!

        Australasia-China Sister Cities Summit 2010 & Australasia-China Business Summit 2010 evoked widespread and favorable response not only from city councils among the whole Australian communities but also among various business fields.

          More than 160 Australian enterprises registered till now,  in which a wide range of industries including: Financing Sector, Telecom and Electronics, Energy and Raw Materials, Engineering and Construction, Science and Technology, Tourism, Agriculture, Trade and etc.

       Representatives of corporate business and finance sector with all kinds of backgrounds, from multinational group to small sized faming business from every parts of South Pacific Region will join in this event on the purpose of seeking cooperation opportunities. Leaders, executives and professionals will gather together under this summit, which composed by Sister City Summit, Business Summit, Several Sub-sessions and plenty of Networking as well.

             Welcome to join us, to gain wonderful experience, and to explore your opportunities! 

     ACSCS & ACBS will make great efforts to establish a great platform for business owners and operators to exchange ideas, gain knowledge, generate and identify opportunities, to establish networks and form friendships so as to achieve jointly development.   

    The option is available, for more details, please contact Michael Guo:info@acscs.com.au or visit our website at http://www.acscs.com.au/